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Secrets of Google’s Search Methodology Unveiled !

While working on a project you stuck on a particular topic to which you come across the first time. What is your first attempting option to know about that topic?

Of course, it’s Google! The search engine giant isn’t it? You conveniently type your query thereby hitting the search button. And what happens next? Voila! You get hundreds of links provided by Google search results and that too within seconds. No doubt, this is a very common process for most of us. The same process is followed by the masses across the globe. But what is an uncommon factor behind this procedure? It’s Google’s searching methods.

How Google Works

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Ever thought of Google’s working methodology that how does it afford to respond to you with precise results so fast?

Evidently, this search engine includes various internal techniques to get back to you with exact results. Just take a look at Google’s way of searching results which encompasses-

  • Spiders and Crawling- This is the very first step acquired by Google as soon as the user inputs the query. Spiders basically “crawl” over the web on few web pages. Further, it follows the links included on those web pages. Further, this process helps Google to index about 100 million gigabytes of information.
  • Algorithms-Google scripts certain programs in order to serve you with accurate results. Well, this doesn’t wind up here. There are various sub-processes that make algorithms operational such as-
    • Spell correction
    • Autocomplete
    • Synonym finder
    • Query understanding
    • Google instant
    • Search methods
  • Questions- Google takes on about 200 questions just to show you the required result such as-
    • How many times did your keyword appear on a specific webpage?
    • Were the keywords found in the title or in the web?
    • Are there any synonyms in that particular webpage for your entered keywords?
    • What is the PageRank of the webpage?

As such there are various other queries considered by Google to take out the result. And guess what? Google takes only 1/8th part of the second to perform this action. That’s truly astounding.

  • Results- Google creates a knowledge graph and displays results on the database of real-world people, places, and things along with their joint connections. This is also followed by snippets that exhibit a piece of information of entire content like the title of the page and a short description of each result.
  • The Other Facets- Apart from the aforementioned features, Google also comprises other phases that play a vital role in the search mechanism. These include-
    • Voice Search- You could ask your query vocally and the associated results are given back to you in speeches.
    • Images- This feature provides you image-enabled results along with thumbnails.
    • Answers- You get the related answers and information for subjects like sports scores, weather, and quick facts.
    • Videos- You get more detailed results through video thumbnails.


So that’s quite complicated, right? But you need not panic as you just get the answers to your query whereas all these search procedures are integrated into Google’s backend. The thing to consider over here is that though being equipped with complex search methods, Google provides you a complete user-friendly environment to get instant and accurate results for your queries. This is what every user looks out for.

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