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A Step Guide on Space Technology

Space technology is a gift to the modern world. Since the evolution of the earth, space technology has provided numerous benefits to mankind when compared to other advanced technologies. For instance, a telecommunication network that acts as an essential element of the world depends on the satellite revolves satellites that revolve around the planet. One of the most advanced technology ‘ the internet’ is based on satellites. Can you imagine your life without the internet? Probably no. What about cellular phones, satellite phones, and faxes? Without satellites, they are of no use. With the help of broadcast satellites, it is possible to watch thousands of channels on television. GPS satellites help us to trace the locations within seconds, whereas weather satellites direct about climatic changes or meteorological events like cyclones or hurricanes.

Humans achieved great success through space missions. Right from Yuri Gagarin’s space flight to today’s MIR station, thousands of air crafts spacecraft were launched into space. Mysteries of the universe came into the limelight because of space technology. This advanced technology not only benefited to in spotting the special changes but also provided numerous advantages to other fields. For instance, space explorations resulted in scientific developments, aerospace, and life technologies which are essential for the growth of humanity.

Space technology offered numerous benefits to scientific developments. For example, examining the tiny micro particles beyond the human eye capacity is the popular factor for achieving success in scientific projects. Even astronomy follows the same technique. Telescopes and microscopes act as a major tool in observing space objects. Apart from these, it is used in

1) Designing space aircrafts
2) Contributed a lot to aerodynamics
3) Communication
4) Military advancements(RADAR satellite)
5) Improves the quality of life

How space technology helped mankind???

1) Microwave is an important kitchen tool which makes our lives easy. The benefits we enjoy from the microwave are a result of the NASA program. Generally, it is The technology was designed to heat the pre-cooked meals for astronauts in space.
2) Think about portable heaters or cooler boxes we use in our life. Both these devices have resulted from insulation techniques of space technology.
3) Similarly, there are many by-products of space technology we use today. Think about colorimetric eyeglasses. This is results stemmed from the moon programs which help astronauts to change the reflection levels when they are exposed to UV radiations.
4) Have you ever wondered about the frozen dried foods which you buy from grocery shops? Do you know how they are produced? This freeze food technology resulted from the Apollo space Space shuttle Shuttle Program. Using this technology, we can maintain the freshness of the food for long durations and can be consumed when necessary.
5) Smoke detectors were used to detect the smoke in space which is free from gravity. Now, these are used in every public building, industry, school, and home to detect smoke.
6) Think about the big Plasma TV in your home. It is the outcome of space technology. These flat-panel televisions are derived from liquid crystal panel displays which will be used in space shuttle programs.

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