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Apple Watch Release Date, Features and Pricing Hints

Apple is going to finish work on the Apple Watch’s software and sources familiar with the product’s development. It will be launched in the United States in April 2015. That timeline just got a bit more specific: According to a report from 9to5Mac

Apple Representatives and Senior Vice President of Retail Angela Ahrendts told their employee that the product will ship in “early 205” from Apple Stores all across the country will journey to either Cupertino, California or Austin, Texas, to get hands-on experience with the watch.

Reports early in January suggested that the Apple Watch will launch in the UK and other parts of Europe in early 2015, after the Apple Watch messaging changed on the country websites to “Early 2015” from “Available in 2015”

Apple Watch Features and Price

The apple company has been improving up the Watch OS and putting the device’s battery pack through more comprehensive studying. The apple company has also been working extra time to boost the inductive asking for procedure necessary for asking for up the device each night. The Apple Watch will come in three alternatives, conventional, Game, and Edition, and several distinct bracelet styles will be marketed.

The Apple Watch Availability

There are a number of availability controls that can be maintained on the Apple iPhone app, these involve a VoiceOver feature, the potential to zoom in on the screen, and settings to reduce action, manage sound, reduce visibility, enable bold text, and more

Apple Watch Availability

Apple Watch Apps

In November the apple company released WatchKit, the development program that designers use to build the apple Watch applications. This exposed a number of specifications and features that were not announced at the watch’s introducing

  • The high quality will be 272 by 340 for the 38mm edition of the Apple Watch and 312 by 390 for the 42mm version
  • Developers won’t be able to make customized gestures
  • Apple Maps will be fixed and non-interactive, at least at first
  • Local apps that stay entirely on the watch will be arriving sometime in 2015

Apple Watch Pricing

The Apple Watch is priced at $349 for the lowest-end edition, but rumors peg luxury iterations of the device at much higher price points. The gold watch, for example, allegedly costs between $4,000 and $5,000.

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